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Welcome to a pinnacle of hope in a despairing world. Welcome to a different view, a view beyond limits and boundaries.
Welcome to a whole new world order defined and governed by Christ and dominated by sons executing their father's business.
Welcome to the candid canary's voice governed by God Himself.
Welcome to the Gatekeeper, inspired by God and fashioned and delivered by hs vessels.
The gospel must reach every soul, every heart and every body and the Gatekeeper seeks to mould a total kingdom citizen ready as a bride waiting for the groom. Our mandate is to capture the seven mountains of our Lord and make plainly habitable for His followers. Enjoy our ride as we take you through teachings, news, sports, entertainment, Gospel hands literature and more in print voice and picture. Follow us on all available platforms, The Gatekeeper. Give us feedback. Let us know what Jesus is doing in your region and let's share it with the rest of the world. May you look forward to your monthly issue of this magazine and may God allow you to explore this world with us. A special Thanks to our dedicated staff and contributors, gallant soldiers unwavering in their dedication to their father's business. Navigate this world with us now and always.


Managing Editor

Richard Mathabuka

Medical Expert

Dr Grant.


Ben Masikati

Resident Coach

Request Machimbira


Tonderai Mandaza


Apostle Pride Sibiya


Apostle Ray Tshitake

Youth in Action Coordinator

Chiedza Mathabuka

Managing Consultant

Shingai Mathabuka

Marketing Manager

Mike Mahaka

Admin Assistant

Nyasha Kombora

Throne Room

Lorine Takavarasha Mathabuka

Financial Expert

Jade Tsokodai


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